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Big Block & 1970 & Newer Small Blocks W/O A/C PS Crank Pulley

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Check out this Double Groove Pulley for all big block cars and 1970 + newer small block cars that DO NOT have air conditioning but WITH has Power Steering. Of course, this can be used on a manual steering car, just that the front groove wouldn't be used, but is there in case you later decide to add PS to your car. We make these from heavy duty steel, just like the originals. There is one pulley bolt hole elongated so they will fit on the '72 and later symmetrical bolt pattern, AND the earlier offset bolt pattern!

The diameter is about 6-1/2" for groove 1(water pump and alternator drive groove) and about 7-1/2" for groove 2 (power steering drive groove.)

The Offset from the mounting face to the center of the groove is :

about 2" on groove 1,

and 2-13/16" on groove 2.

Why risk using an old, bent and or rusty old pulley instead of this New affordable and ready to use pulley!

These Pulleys are stamped steel, just like the originals manufactured by Chrysler.

They Are In Stock and Ready To Ship

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