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Big Block Upper Pulley For Use Without Air Conditioning

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NEW Single Groove water pump pulley for all big block engines that don't have air conditioning. Works with or without power steering, but doesn't work with air conditioning.

Replacement for Chrysler part number 1821452. Made from heavy duty steel, just like the factory Chrysler parts.

Measurements on this pulley are:

Offset from the water pump mounting flange (the center of the pulley with the 4 mounting bolt holes) back to the center of the V groove (depth of the pulley): 2-3/8".

Offset from the water pump mounting flange to the rear edge of the groove (OVERALL depth of the pulley): 2-11/16".

Pulley Diameter: 6-13/16"

Why risk using an old, bent and or rusty old pulley instead of this New affordable and ready to use pulley!

These Pulleys are stamped steel, just like the originals manufactured by Chrysler.

They Are In Stock and Ready To Ship

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