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Console + Glovebox Door Lock

62-69 B-Body (not 66-7 Charger) | 68-69 A-Body | 64-74 B-Body + 70-4 E-Body Console Lids | 69-76 A-Body Console Lids (w/o Bezel)
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These New Locks Work Smooth And Fit Just Like The Originals, Replace That Worn, Broken Or Missing Lock With A Nice New One, And Come With The Key!

They Fit:

64-74 B-body Console Door Lids, (except 66-67 Charger)

70-74 E-body Console Door Lids,

69-76 A-body Console Door Lids (must Remove Bezel),

62-69 B-body Glove box Doors.

68-69 A-body Glovebox Doors.

66-70 C-body Console Door Lids.

66-69 C-body Glove box Doors.

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