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About Tony's Parts

Hello, my name is Tony D'Agostino, and I am the owner of Tony's Parts. I come from a Mopar family. My dad and his brothers have all been Mopar owners and collectors for a long time. My dad used to race a Max Wedge-powered drag car in the 1960s, and bought a 1963 Sport Fury brand new. He still owns some really cool Mopars to this day. I guess there wasn't too much of a chance that I'd be into anything else.

In 1977, I got my first car, a 1970 Road Runner convertible, which I still own today. While working on the Road Runner, I bought a 1970 GTX to get some parts to use on my Road Runner convertible. When I was done removing the parts I needed from the GTX, people began to inquire about buying some of the remaining parts from the GTX. I was able to recoup the majority of the money that I had paid for the GTX and that was what started a part-time business that I used to finance my hobby. In the years to come, the part-time business slowly turned into a full-time (and then some!) business. We now have two large parts warehouses and a quantity of cars for parts.


My involvement in the hobby spans four decades, and I have a strong passion for the restoration and preservation of these cars we love. I have written articles on how to identify parts that have been published in Mopar Muscle magazine and High-Performance Mopar magazine. I have been quoted in Mopar Muscle magazine, Mopar Action magazine, and Mopar Collectors Guide magazine. I have also had input into Galen Govier's white parts decoding books. I've been featured several times on the docu/drama Mopar restoration show Graveyard Carz and developed a friendship with its quirky host Mark Worman - an expert of the late-60's and early 70's Mopar Muscle cars. They use my products on every single of their beautiful restorations. I am always striving to be as educated as I can be about muscle car-era Mopars, and even with the grasp of knowledge that I have of these cars, there is still a lot to be learned.

I really appreciate all of my customers and in return try my best to offer quality parts, competitive pricing, and good customer service. We offer a 100% refund on all the parts we sell. If we don't have a part currently in stock, we will try to offer the name and phone number of another supplier who might be able to help with that part. Tony's Parts is always willing to offer any kind of technical help to our customers in any and all aspects of their car.

If you haven't done business with us here at Tony's Parts before, we hope you will give us a try!

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